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Work Drama
Dr. Berman- I am a mother of 2. I stayed home for the first 4 years of my kid's life. I was lucky enough to get my old job back when I wanted to go back to work. I was in sales and I was a top seller. Now that I am back, I have my old clients and I am pulling in big business again. The issue is that I can do a lot of it from my phone and I don't necessarily need to be in the office to pull in the business for my company.
Family Pressure
Dr. Berman- I am 26 years old. My parents are off the boat from Bulgaria. I go to school part time and I work full time. While they are citizens here, they were never able to find work that would pay decent. Since I was 15 I have had odd jobs and all my money was given to them to help the family.
Dating Tips
Hello Dr. Berman. I'm in a bit of a pickle and trying to understand. I'm a 30 year old single male. I'm at the point in my life where I'm ready to settle down. I've never been married and don't have any children. I'm not the greatest looking person in the world.
Dr. Berman- I was given a prescription for Medical Marijuana to deal with my PTSD after my military service. I am also in therapy. Because of the PTSD, I lost my wife. I ultimately had to move back in with my parents. They have been supportive until I got the script for Medical Marijuana. They said they don't condone drugs in their house or around it. I assure you, if there was another way, I would gladly not smoke, but right now it is the only thing helping me.
Addressing problems with your partner.
Dr. Berman- My wife gained weight over the past few years after we had children. I don't mind that at all. I still love her. The bigger issue is that with the weight gain- she is now a restless sleeper and snores to no end. She also gets super hot where I almost get too hot being next to her. I really need sleep.
Is he interested in me, or does he just want a new yoga partner?!
Dr. Berman- I met a guy last weekend at a group yoga workshop on the beach by my house. I started yoga about 2 years ago and I'm pretty decent. This guy was amazing at it. Anyway we talked for a bit (about yoga) and then he asked me if I wanted to get coffee.
Group Chat Mishap
Dr. Berman- My 3 childhood friends and I are all on a group chat. We have 2 of them for when we go overseas. One of the girls has been acting a little crazy lately and dropped out of the chat that we were all participating in saying that we don't support her and her goals as much as we should. We have tried to be patient with her.
Why do I continue to get ghosted?
Dr. Berman- I don't get it. I am a physician's assistant, make good money, in shape, and I think pretty attractive. Every married man I know tells me what a catch I am. And yet, I can't keep a guy for more that a few dates. They all tell me the same thing -that I'm so happy and confident and that it is refreshing... and yet then they fade away.
Does my friend workout too much?
Dr. Berman- My girlfriend is a workout-aholic. She was always sort of crazy when she worked out but since getting her new trainer... things have gotten really intense. She is with him almost every day.
Dr. Berman- I have a friend who asked 4 of us girls to be in her wedding. We all agreed and now that we are in it- she is expecting us to pay for some pretty ridiculous things. First- the shower- she wants it at a venue... It's going to cost us almost 500 a person to host it there. Then she wants the bachelorette out in the Hamptons over 4th of July.
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